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News Open

Pastoral - Nylon Guitar

Pushing Forward

Noir Chase

Talk Show Open

Water Theme

Noir Theme

Latin Horns

Mancini Mood

Piano Solo

      Groovetown USA's founder Peter Fox is a Washington, D.C.-based composer, producer, arranger and multi-instrumentalist. He began playing piano at age 7 in Texas, where he absorbed the Lone Star State's rich musical culture: jazz, blues, swing, rock and roll, conjunto, country, folk and pop. At 15, he moved to San Francisco and began playing guitar, which remains his second major instrument. Fox studied classical theory, composition, and orchestral arrangement with internationally recognized composer and Appalachian music specialist Philip Rhodes at Carleton College, and has since studied sitar (in India) with Dr. Raj Bhan Singh, Dean Emeritus of the School of Music of the Benares Hindu University, and jazz harmony with noted Washington, D.C. pianist and arranger the late Maria Rodriguez. Fox also plays bouzouki, mandolin, saxophone, and bass guitar.

      Fox wrote and produced a rock musical "Black Hole Buddha" which was one of the best reviewed and best recieved productions to come out of Washington, DC in recent years. Fox's jazz group, the Peter Fox Quartet, was recently named one of the region's top live acts by TheWashington Post. He performs regularly in area clubs. He is also active as a studio musician, and as a writer and arranger of music for radio and television. His film scoring credits include Uncle Paddy 's Wake (1991), Pope and the Alien (1992), Colon(1993), The Gentleman (1996), and Foggy Bottom (1998). Recent television and video credits include themes for "DiverCity" (1997) and "Washington Post Foreign Service"(1997), both produced and broadcast by WNVC, Fairfax, Virginia, and the score for "Asia's Water Crisis"(1997), produced by the Asian Development Bank, which is now being broadcast worldwide.

Fox also does sound design for theater, and his credits include Silicon Man Sleeps, Ugly Sister, and Nude all produced by Betapunks, Mambo Mouth and Edmond for the Source Theatre, and Over and Over at Signature Theater. His most recent project was The Hairy Ape for Rorschach Theatre.