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 Groovetown USA releases a carefully selected group of its own musical and other creative projects. We plan to devote lots of our time and energy over the next years to discovering and nurturing the best musical talent. This page is still in development. If you are interested in our releases, go to the contact page and let us know, and we'll get back in touch with you.

 Black Hole Buddha -- The metaphysical musical based on Aristophenes Lysistrata. The Washington Post called it "a surreal fantasy...layered upon passionate and accessible music". To find out more, check out the website.


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 Watch My Sting (3 Mb)

Rulebreaker (3 Mb)

 Spottiswoode-Ugly Love -- The New Yorker calls him a genius. This CD shows you why. The Leonard Cohen of our generation. To learn more, visit


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 Little Boys and Little Girls (3 Mb)

Nice Girl (3 Mb)

 Jewels and Telescopes    
 Frat Boy Poison Shampoo